The Story So Far...


The story so far…

Friends since childhood, John Shadowblade and his closest companion Jeremy Warren set off to leave their small town and see the world. For years they had honed their skills and felt their lives wasting away in their small village. They traveled north toward Luskan in hopes that they might find work with one of the many caravans which always seemed to need extra guards. It was just their luck that they did indeed get work with a mercenary outfit escorting a merchant headed towards the northern cities as far up as Icewind Dale. Although it seemed an easy enough job, these two young would be heroes found out the hard way that life can be unpredictable and merciless. Two weeks into the journey the caravan was attacked by a massive force of kobolds. Only a small handful lived to tell the tale. Mortally wounded, lying in the middle of the road, Jeremy and John were left for dead.

Fate had other plans.

That very day the two were discovered by a heavily armed patrol who were hunting the very same Kobolds resonsible for the attack on the caravan. They were taken to Krondak Greyhelm, a cleric of considerable talent, for healing. For several months the two young men recovered from their wounds under the care of Krondak and his order. When John and Jeremy were fully recovered they set off towards luskan in the company of Krondak and a ranger named Ellrien.

Upon their arrival to Luskan the group learned that the problem with the trade route attacks had grown worse and that the Kobolds were becoming a serious threat to the local economy. The party accepted an offer to investigate and area know as Slaughtergard Keep. It was there that the group learned what they were truly capable of as they dealt with Kobolds, Goblins and even worse! It was in this hellish place that the group met Princess Sarah Stormhammer. She had been captive there for weeks, a victim of the trade route raids, and no doubt a valuble ransom for these scum. For days the group investigated the sick and twisted lair of these Kobolds and were able to escape to report their findings. Never one to back away from a challenge, the Princess decided to travel with the group and see the world for herself.

It has now been two years since the group began their travels. They have faced many challenges and grown more powerful but the key to their success has always been their trust in each other.

They now find themselves near Loudwater investigating the dissapearance of some very powerful and ancient scrolls from the Mage Guild…



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