The Twig Spirits

The group befiends a village of Twig Spirits

Surrounded – Ellrien (the Beastmaster), John Shadowblade (the Rogue), Princess Sarah (the Mage) and Lady Ashley (the Priest) are hunting for a set of powerful scrolls that were stolen from the mages guild in Loudwater. While investigating the forests near the abandoned keep, the party was spotted by a patrol of Twig Blight scouts. Surrounded, the group decided to try diplomacy and perhaps avoid a fight. The conversation was going as well as could be expected when the Blights were attacked by a massive bear. The group decided to help the blights and were successful in killing the bear. The little Twigs not only gained a healthy respect for the power of the group but they were grateful that only one of their comrades fell during the attack. Apparently, this community had been dealing with the very same bear attacks for months but the Dire Bear was simply too great a foe for less than a full patrol of Twig warriors.

In the Village – The Twig patrol escorted the party to their village to meet with their Chief; Uko Oni. The conversation went well and the Chief welcomed the group to their village with a feast…bear was on the menu! The group participated in dance and music with the Twig Spirits. They changed their name and their very nature when they escaped the clutches of the evil sorcerer who originaly summoned them.

The Twig Spirits - The group learned that many years ago Uko Oni found a small unicorn amulet which was the symbol of the Goddess Mielikki. Intrigued, he decided to keep it. Although he had no idea of its meaning he figured it must be a thing of value. The amulet was in fact imbued with a blessing by the goddess herself and it’s power began to affect the little blightborn twig. Over time the nature of Uko and those closest to him changed. He gained an appreciation for beauty and noticed that the world around him was foul. He made a decision to leave the corrupted keep and he and a band of friends set out into the forest.

The Sorcerer – The group never got a complete answer concerning this “sorcerer”. The learned enough to put together that the mage was furious at the Twig Blights when he learned of their escape. He sent many minions to find and kill them but none were successful as the Twigs are naturally masterful at blending into a forest. The sorcerer decided to take his wrath out on the forest itself and had his troops burn and cut down huge portions of the forest near his keep.

The Abandoned Keep - The twigs advise the group of a secret entrance into the keep and give them a crude map of it’s location. They also prepare a blessing for the group which will allow them to withstand the taint of the magic surrounding the keep.

The party is well rested amd prepared for their adventure in the keep. Their journey will begin at daybreak…



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