Into the Keep

Stealth and secrets

The group learned of a hidden entrance to Mondrake’s Keep and decided that a quiet entrance was advisable. They set out towards the keep and along the way befriended a little porcupine that seemed to get attached to lady Ashley.

John Shadowblade was able to located the hidden entrance and disable the series of traps protecting it.

The group found themselves in a series of tunnels located beneath the Keep. After a considerable time searching for a way into the Keep the group located a trap door which opened up underneath a workshed in the keep. They found a few items of interest in the shed and were able to scout the area some before heading into the keep itself.

The patrols were heavy and unusual. Undead zombies and other dark creatures. Clearly the sorcerer had been at work here for some time!

After some general skulkery…the group found themselves in a study belonging to the sorcerer himself!

To be continued…



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